On the morning of April 5th 2018, while fishing at the Cham Islands Marine Protected Area, Hoi An, Quang Nam, a fisherman named Nguyen Muoi (commonly known as Tien), residing at Hoi Son village, Duy Nghia Commune, Duy Xuyen District caught a strange fish, which was assumed to be an Otolithoides biauritus (Su vang)..


Hình 1: Cá lạ mắc câu ngư dân Nguyễn Mười


Hearing the news, the staffs of Management Board of the Cham Islands Marine Protected Area(MPA) approached Mr. Muoi’s family to get more information. As recorded at the scene, the fish was 13.2 kilos in weight and 1.15 meters in length. There’s a line of 17 sparkling scales as if incrusted with mother-of-pearl on the body of the fish, running from behind the opercles to the caudal fin. It had a saffron buccal cavity with two jaws containing small, sharp teeth and a swim bladder of light red like the color of carrots which was clearly revealed at the end of the buccal cavity… Currently, Mr. Muoi has still preserved the fish at home and has not been able to identify whether it is an otolithoides biauritus. The Management Board of Cham Islands Marine Protected Area has collected data on its physical features to send to specialized agencies, in order to determine scientific nomenclature and correctly define the individual fish mentioned above.





Hình 2, 3,4,5: Những hình ảnh về cá thể cá được cho là cá sủ vàng

It is reported that in the past 3 months, at the sea of Tam Tien and An Hoa Cape, Nui Thanh District (about 80km from Cham Islands to the South), the fishermen have frequently caught similar individuals.

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